Connected or disconnected?

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The digital revolution is already over. We are already living in a digilogue world, where some live more digital than analogue lives. We spend on average 17 minutes with full focus on our kids each day, and 75 minutes on Facebook. This book discusses the consequences of the constant connectedness, and how it affects our culture where most of us seem to be constantly short of time. The reader will also benefit from a number of useful exercises. The aim is to inspire the reader to create an awareness and intent of how to live in the new digilogue reality. This book is a perfect gift to your colleagues, your partner, best friend, sister… anybody who could do with living with more presence!

Buy 2 for 300 SEK. Offer can be combined with ”Make Meetings Work”.


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Virtual Meetings

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Many organisations are struggling with how to communicate with and lead teams that are geographically scattered and spread across timezones. Virtual meetings are a natural and central part of communication and leadership in such a reality. What makes a virtual meeting differ from a physical one? What do they have in common? How can you create virtual meetings with energy, engagement and better results are key words? This book will give you the answer.

Also in Swedish.

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Make Meetings Work

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This book is the most practical guide you will find on how to prepare and lead day-to-day meetings at work. It’s loaded with tips, tools and methods – all very concrete and practical for the successful morning meeting, staff meeting, information sharing meeting, customer meeting, weekly meeting and so on. The book is divided into three parts: Before, During and After the meeting. Plenty of pitfalls will be presented, along with three fixes for each. Read it. Use it.
Make your work-meetings work!

Buy 2 for 300 SEK. Offer can be combined with ”Connected or Disconnected”

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